360,000 sqft (239 Units + 52,000 sqft Retail) | Bossier City, LA | 2008

Villaggio is a large mixed use development on a 40+ acre site that sits between Hwy. 80 and I-20, the first of its kind in Bossier City. Entrance to the development is via its main street, Villaggio Boulevard, which terminates at a large clock tower and pool. There are 4 major building groups with ground floor retail space facing Villaggio Boulevard and a mix of 1, 2 & 3BR apartments located both above the retail and behind it. Tenant parking is generally hidden on the interior quads of the building groups while customer parking is on the street. The character mimics the architecture of “Old Italy”, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic while providing a wide choice of floor plans for its residents.

Villaggio view project details